Marketing Strategy vs. Tactics

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Many prospects ask questions about marketing tactics which center around some variation of “Should we do X media or Y media?”  Plug-in the variable the limitless options to spend marketing dollars and we understand why it can be overwhelming.  But there is a fundamental issue when starting with marketing tactics vs. strategy. Jumping into marketing […]

Pros and Cons of 60 Second vs 30 Second Commercials


Sixty-second commercials come with a price tag that’s double that of thirty-second commercials.  This naturally leads to the question at the heart of the 60 second vs 30 second commercials debate: Is the additional time truly worth the extra cost? In a vast majority of advertising scenarios, opting for :60s might not be the best […]

Media Buying Strategies for Small Businesses


You’re a small business owner, and know the importance of gaining visibility in today’s competitive marketplace. You also know that media buying can be a perplexing game, especially when you’re working with a limited budget. So, how can you make the most of your advertising dollars to reach your target audience effectively? This article is […]

Insourcing vs. Outsourcing: The Pros and Cons for Hiring a Media Buying Agency


Ever wondered what happens behind the scenes to bring those engaging ads to your screens? The answer lies with media buying agencies. They’re the unseen heroes, negotiating, purchasing, and monitoring advertising space on behalf of businesses. But like any superhero, they come with their own set of strengths and weaknesses. In this article, we’re going […]

5 Tips for Local Media Buying


In this article, I’ll discuss five key tips that will help maximize your local media buying efforts.  Our goal is to have better conversations with your buying partner or level-up an in-house buying strategy. The DW Creative Team has 50 years’ combined experience in local media advertising, both on the selling and buying side, and […]

How To Hire a Media Buying Agency

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Your business is at a point where considering a higher investment in advertising is on the table.  You see the potential for a much larger audience becoming familiar with your company and media reps are pounding on your door.  But you are unsure of whether you should handle the media buying in-house, or hire a […]

Top Media Buying Agencies in Kansas City

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If you’re considering hiring a media buying agency in Kansas City, an important question to consider is who are the “Top Media Buying Companies in Kansas City?” We understand that the media buying landscape in Kansas City is diverse, with numerous agencies catering to different needs. Some are more adept at traditional, others digital, and […]

Media Research

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2022 National Survey on Consumer Media Habits What did we want to understand? How do homeowners spend their time with various media throughout the day/week? What information sources were used to make purchase decisions? What major home improvement purchases were made in the last three years? Methodology QUALIFYING QUESTION Must be at least 18+ and […]

Emarketer Releases Updated 2017 Media Consumption Study


US Adults Spend an Average of 12 Hours a Day Consuming Media Media Planners Need to Be Aware of These Changing Trends in Content Consumption EMarketer recently released its updated 2017 US media consumption estimates, spanning across digital, TV, print, radio, and other various online platforms. It’s further proof that one of the hardest jobs […]

Snapchat Offers “Seen” Ads for $750K

Article Link:  Guaranteed to Disappear:  Snapchat sheds light on Guaranteed Strategy for Advertisers               Advertisers paying for impressions not seen or viewed is still a huge problem for the digital industry, a space that prides itself on brands’ ability to “measure” and “track,” unlike its traditional counterparts. However, I’d […]