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Top Media Buying Agencies in Kansas City

Dave Wieser

Principal – DW Creative Marketing

Dave Wieser is Principal of DW Creative Marketing, whose mission is to “Help the Doers create their legacy.” His career of 20+ years in the advertising and marketing industry has led to a wide range of experiential roles, including media selling, media buying/planning, marketing strategy, research, business intelligence and data analytics…

If you’re considering hiring a media buying agency in Kansas City, an important question to consider is who are the “Top Media Buying Companies in Kansas City?”

We understand that the media buying landscape in Kansas City is diverse, with numerous agencies catering to different needs. Some are more adept at traditional, others digital, and a few do both well.  Rather than shying away from competition, we believe in transparency and earning our clients’ trust.

By highlighting the reputable media buying agencies in Kansas City, we aim to help our clients find the right partner for their specific requirements. While we don’t endorse any particular Kansas City media buying agency, we can provide you with a list of well-known agencies in the area based on their reputation and who we’ve enjoyed working with in our media selling days.

Please note that it’s crucial to conduct your own research, review the services offered by each agency, and explore client testimonials to find the media buying agency that aligns with your business goals.

Here is our recommendation of Top Media Buying Agencies in Kansas City, listed in alphabetical order.

  • Barkley: Barkley is an independent, creative idea company committed to knowing the modern consumer. They have a wide portfolio that includes strong retainer categories like consumer-packaged goods, financial services, health care, restaurants, retail + travel/tourism. Barkley tends to work with larger budgets (over seven figures), so you may want to see if they have minimum budget requirements prior to taking on a client.
  • MMGY Global: MMGY Global is a marketing communications and technology company, boasting a substantial $75 million valuation and a global presence with over 400 talented colleagues spread across various offices worldwide. Focusing in the travel, tourism, and hospitality sectors, they are dedicated to inspiring people to explore new destinations. A
  • Signal Theory – A forward-thinking agency that combines the principles of behavioral science with data-driven insights to develop solutions that place humans at the center. Their approach aims to not only compel customers to take action but also safeguard profitability and foster positive brand reputation. By leveraging expertise in human behavior and utilizing data-driven strategies they can create impactful solutions that drive results.
  • Timewise: Time Wise Media Buying is a reputable media buying agency with expertise in media planning and buying, they assist businesses in optimizing their advertising efforts to reach their target audience effectively. Time Wise Media Buying takes a strategic approach to media campaigns, ensuring that clients’ messages are delivered at the right time and through the most relevant channels. 
  • VMLY&R: VMLY&R is a global marketing and advertising agency that offers media buying services alongside their creative and digital solutions. A connected experience effectively addresses the emotional and functional needs of the consumer and business across the whole journey. As with Barkley, VMLY&R tends to work with large, blue-chip brands, and may have media budget minimums prior to taking on a client.
  • Walz Tetrick Advertising:  Walz Tetrick is a full-service marketing, creative and media agency. Founded in 1967, they leverage experience, creativity and research tools to deliver the right solutions to clients’ marketing challenges. 

Please note that these summaries are based on general information and it’s advisable to visit each agency’s website or contact them directly for more detailed and up-to-date information about their services and capabilities.

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