Jack Henry Mural

DW Creative was commissioned to design an expansive 140′ x 35′ mural for the newly renovated Jack Henry building, a prominent feature in Drake Developments’ project at the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City.

After engaging in detailed conversations with our client to understand their vision, the team at DW Creative embarked on a comprehensive site survey of the Jack Henry building. We delved into the rich history of the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City, gathering both location-specific and historical insights that would serve as inspiration for our designs. Armed with this knowledge and a deep appreciation for the locale’s legacy, we crafted three distinct and creative mural designs.

Each was conceived with the intent of not only meeting the client’s specifications but also adding an undeniable charm to the surrounding area. Despite our enthusiasm and readiness to execute, the project, unfortunately, remained unrealized.

Concept 1: Groove

As a nod to the history of this place and a reminder that times change, a snapshot of life during Jack Henry ‘s heyday is captured in an illustration. This moment in a day in the life, is
meant to make passersby reflect on life at Kansas City and remind us how things change over time, but we still carry on.

Concept 2: Growth

The enduring Jack Henry building, stands as a beloved Kansas City landmark. The JH mark is repeated to create a classic-looking pattern,
while the vines intertwine in between to soften the design. And as a bonus, small flowers (or fruits) pop up here and there to represent continued growth.

Concept 3: Gem

It’s been said that the Country Club Plaza is truly a gem of the Midwest. And in that case, it could be argued that Jack Henry was a true diamond. With the abstract outline of a pair of suits representing Jack Henry and his successor Peter Arvanitakis, an intriguing image is created that transforms the back of the building into a jewel.

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