Stop guessing with your TV dollars. There's a better way!

What TV programs and local news stations are watched by your customers?

What TV programs and local news stations are watched by owners of the prospective brand you need to conquer?

Save money on buying “lower rated” programs viewed by your target customers.

The Answers Are A Click Away.

Rentrak and IHS Automotive have created a measurement system to help identify what’s in the driveway of a particular show’s viewing audience.

  • The Problem with TV Measurement

    Nielsen has a monopoly on the TV ratings industry and is very slow to change its measurement methodologies. Did you know that in Kansas City, Nielsen still relies on data from “Diary entries.” Really? Who has time to fill out a diary? In addition, it’s passive sampling represents a little over 300 Households in a market with over 900,000. This inevitably leads to variation in measurement and questions on a program’s audience.

  • The Future is Here

    Rentrak collects second by second data on over 150,000 set top boxes in the Kansas City market. Yes, over 150,000 households! That’s audience measurement for 1 out of every 6 homes. The large sample leads to more accountability and confidence with your TV advertising dollars. This is “Big Data” applied to your TV advertising.


SAVE MONEY! Identify “lower rated” programs that index well with your target audience

Target Specific Audience Segments, not broad demographic “Family Reunions”

Household Income
Lifestyle Interests
Household Composition
Education Level

• Audience Heat Maps – Which stations garner more viewing in your targeted customer zip codes, at certain times of the day?

• Minute by Minute ratings – Are you buying live sports? There are huge variations of audience viewing levels when you take a granular look at the minute by minute data. You may be overpaying depending on when your commercial airs.

• Big Data – Nielsen/300+ Households measured vs. Rentrak/100,000+ Households measured – Which one would you entrust your dollars?


For a free report on the top 20 programs for your particular brand, or one you need to conquer, e-mail me, Dave Wieser, at: Dave@dwcreativemarketing.Com

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