Real-Time Advertising

Programmatic Display Kansas City

The days of purchasing display advertising through one publisher are slowly coming to an end.

With the proliferation of marketing technology, including demand-side platforms, supply-side platforms, and the marriage of 3rd party data, advertisers need to move away from buying sites, and toward buying audiences.

Does it really matter what site a prospective customer sees your ad, as long as it’s in a brand safe environment and served to a customer who is “in the market?” We don’t think so…


Reasons for the explosive growth of “Real-Time” programmatic display boil down to the following:


2015 Research by Forrester indicated that 79% of advertisers made programmatic buys. The ability for marketers to make changes in real-time based on optimizing performance leads to better results. We see average click through rates improve by3x-7x with a programmatic buy vs. traditional display.


Use data and technology to reach your most valuable customers orprospects, when it’s most relevant to reach them.


Rather than buy off a flat CPM ($10, etc), advertisers “bid” on the value ofreaching their most important customers. Winning bids will be analyzedagainst performance metric values (eCPC, eCPA, etc) and bids can beadjusted up/down based on returns being delivered. Don’t get “stuck” if aparticular campaign isn’t working. Budgets can be adjusted in real-time toshift from what’s not working to what is.

Campaign Types

Desktop Campaigns

  • Website Campaigns

    Target specific websites

  • Retargeting Campaign

    Target past site visitors

  • Audience Campaign

    Target specific user characteristics

  • Contextual Campaign

    Target specific site content

  • Video Campaign

    Place various pre-roll/mid- roll video ads

Mobile Campaigns

  • App Campaign

    Target mobile apps

  • Mobile Web

    Target mobile optimized sites

  • Mobile Video

    Place video ads on mobile sites

  • Hyperlocal Campaign

    Geo-target users in aspecific location

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