Pay-Per- Click / Search Services Kansas City

  • Keyword Analysis

    Through analysis of site architecture, content, and key interviews, we willresearch the keywords that offer the best opportunity for conversion.

  • Ad Creation

    Developing highly relevant ads that align with search intent is critical to realizesuccessful conversions. A rule of thumb is one unique ad per 10-20 keywords inaddition to continual optimization of building on the ads that are converting andimproving (or scrapping) the ineffective ads.

  • Optimization

    Optimization is just a fancy word for doing more of what’s working andscrapping what’s not, the benefit being money saved and better returns. Dailyreview allows for continuous optimization of keyword selection, match type,bid, position and ad copy.

  • Reporting

    So you got clicks? Who cares? We take analysis to the next level, incorporating Google Analytics, costs, and KPI’s to report on actual performanceand whether a return is actually being delivered.

  • Transferability

    You own the campaign, we just manage it. Contracts are month to month and immediately transferrable.

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  • Analysis on Market Spend

    What is your “share” of search budget based on monthly searchactivity in your category?

  • ROI Analysis

    What are you actually getting with your current PPC budget? A bunch of clicksor an actual return?

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