How To Market a Home Services Business

An assortment of home improvement tools

Why did you start a home services business?  It’s a noble pursuit and many entrepreneurs take the plunge with feverish enthusiasm to serve their customer at a level unseen in their marketplace.  But what happens after you’ve exhausted the friends and family pipeline, or your leads and revenue start to plateau?   We know that learning […]

April 2022 Newsletter

Life Expectancy of Advertising One of the most common questions surrounding the modern marketer is “How do I know when it’s time to change my advertising,” or similarly, “When has a campaign run its course?” To answer, let’s turn to Rosser Reeves, one of the original “Madmen” in its purest sense, and creator of the […]

2018 Local Business Marketing Trends

2018 Key Marketing Trends for Local B2C Business As a recently Certified Duct Tape Marketing Consultant, I attended my first “Bootcamp,” a weekend in Denver sharing best practices with local business marketing consultants from around the globe.  Here are my Key Takeaways. Same Problems; Different Markets It’s humbling and a bit comforting to know that challenges […]

Emarketer Releases Updated 2017 Media Consumption Study


US Adults Spend an Average of 12 Hours a Day Consuming Media Media Planners Need to Be Aware of These Changing Trends in Content Consumption EMarketer recently released its updated 2017 US media consumption estimates, spanning across digital, TV, print, radio, and other various online platforms. It’s further proof that one of the hardest jobs […]

To Wait or Not To Wait? That’s Not the Question.

One of Chicago’s most popular deep dish restaurants, Pequod’s, is a relatively unimpressive dive of an establishment that commands multi-hour wait times during peak hours. Locals will tell you it’s not on the list for most tourists and if you Google “Chicago deep dish pizza,” it won’t show up on the first page. However, many […]

Snapchat Offers “Seen” Ads for $750K

Article Link:  Guaranteed to Disappear:  Snapchat sheds light on Guaranteed Strategy for Advertisers               Advertisers paying for impressions not seen or viewed is still a huge problem for the digital industry, a space that prides itself on brands’ ability to “measure” and “track,” unlike its traditional counterparts. However, I’d […]

Let the Cards Fall: Rentrak Adds Another Major Media Partner

      Rentrak has its work cut out battling legacy ratings giant Nielsen.  But the cards are continuing to fall, as Tribune Media recently announced its deal to carry the service.  Brands and media companies should take note, as this is the future of audience measurement, and ending the reliance on the current “stone-aged” […]